Protesters block roads denouncing CAB, Police fires tear gas to disperse protestors, 1 woman injured

Despite appeals of police not to block the roads or give disturbances while holding protests, women protestors took up ‘On road mass indefinite agitation’ putting a one way road block in different parts of the State as a part of protests against Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.
Sit in protests were staged in different locations of the state, particularly in the Imphal area and public meetings on CAB was also organised at some locations.
At Patsoi, sit in protest was held organised by Patsoi united Club, Patsoi Apunba Nupi Lup, and students of Pole star Public school. After the protest, they formed a human chain denouncing CAB. Z
Patsoi Apunba Nupi Lup, president Kh Manglembi demanded to withdraw the Bill citing it will exterminate the indigenous people. She also demanded the ministers and MLAs of Manipur govt to resign if the bill is passed by Rajya sabha. similar protest were also held at Thangmeiband DM college gate, Tera, Kgurai, Nandeibam leikai, Namthalong, Dimdaijang, Uripok, Wangoi, Lilong, Nagampal. The protest at Uripok turned violent as Police dispersed the public protest by firing tear gas shells.
The protest at Uripok caused traffic jam prompting Police to fire tear gas and mock bombs to disperse the protestors.
A woman protestor injured in police action to disperse the protestors. Despite police action, the protestors continued their protest at the area. The protest at Thangmeiband DM college gate also caused traffic jam. When the police started to wipe out the protestors from the road to give free passage to the commuters, a scuffle took place among police and protestors.
MANPAC leaders also joined the protest there.
The state witnessed Protests by blocking half road following Manipur People Against Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 (MANPAC) announced intensified agitation dnouncing the Central Government’s the attempt to pass the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 in the Rajya Sabha.


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