Youths are strength for Society: Nemcha Kipgen

Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister, Nemcha Kipgen graced the 6th Keithelmanbi Youth Day held today at Sahlang Lentol, Keithelmanbi.
Addressing the gatherings as Chief Guest, Minister Nemcha stated that the youths of today’s society are the strength to shape the future into a well developed society. She also expressed that it is the responsibilities of parents to mould the youths by encouraging and supporting them in whichever fruitful tasks they venture for a better tomorrow. So, youths should be given an opportunity to exercise their talent, she asserted. Smt Nemcha also highlighted that the primary role of young people is to get a good education in order to become better citizens as the entire success of the nation depends on the youths.
On this occasion, various cultural shows were also performed by the youths of Keithelmanbi and former leaders of the village were also feted.
Member, ADC, Kangpokpi, Shri Lamminthang Kipgen and SDO, Champhai, Shri Lunguiba Thangal also graced the occasion as Functional President and Special Guest respectively.


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