CPI National Leader D Raja arrives town, spearhead Anti-CAB protest

CPI Central leader and Rajya Sabha MP D Raja has arrived at the town and joined the public protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016.
The CPI MP today led a mass protest rally in Imphal jointly organised by nine opposition political parties comprising CPI, CPI-M, AAP, NCP, RSP, JDS, BSP, FB decrying the passage of Citizenship Amendment bill 2016.
Several Workers of the political parties took part in the protest rally in the town this afternoon in protest against the bill.
CPI MP D Raja while addressing the protest rally at Irabot bhavan Imphal said the nation has nothing to expect from BJP rule, terming BJP “anti-poor party” and supporter of the rich.
Regarding the controversial CAB, the CPI MP said the bill was introduced to protect the interest of a few religious communities. BJP has violated the Constitution just to fulfill the “one India, one hindu nation” ideology of RSS.
He assured that CPI MPs would make possible effort not to get the controversial CAB passed in the Rajya Sabha.
BJP rule should be ousted to save the country’s constitution. Modi is enjoying foreign trips through the taxes collected from the poor, small scale businessman.
The party has done nothing for the welfare of the woman except paying lip service. Modi once promised to deposit 15 lakhs to the account of every Indian citizen but not a single rupee has been credited till now. The party is trying to win the heart of the people through false promises. BJP, RSS did not join the freedom movement against British. The claim of BJP to regard the killer of father of the nation as a hero indicates what kind of party BJP is, he said.
CPI National executive member Dr M Nara said that both the BJP-led Governments of the Centre and the State are not working in the interest of people sincerely.
The Central Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is only good at rhetoric and lip service but it is a total flop in terms of actual performance, Dr Nara said.
The BJP-led Government has been vigorously following a policy of ‘One Nation, one religion’ and this policy is quite risky for the future of the country, Dr Nara said.
Pointing out that the 17th Lok Sabha election is approaching fast, the CPI leader appealed to all voters to study in advance which party and candidates they must elect to the Lok Sabha.
People need to have a fair idea of how a particular party has been trying to win voters through false promises and excessive use of muscle power and money power, he continued.
Secretary of CPI (M) L. Sotinkumar said that representatives of nine political parties in the state had already requested their respective MPs to oppose  the passing of CAB in Rajya Sabha. The nine political parties had sought an appointment with the Governor of Manipur to discuss the matter of Citizenship Amendment Bill and other important issues of the state. After forming a drafting committee, demands will be made for emergency state assembly session to take a collective decision against CAB and the nine political parties will also take up further mode of protest until CAB is withdrawn, he added.


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