B’desh Manipuri delegation meets Manipur King

The delegation of Manipuris in Bangaladesh who visited the state to witness Sangai festival today met the titular Manipur King Leishemba Sanajaoba at the royal palace.
During the interaction, titular Manipur King Leishemba Sanajaoba assured the delegation that he would visit Bangaladesh whenever he gets any opportunity. He also assured that he would urge the Manipur chief minister to construct monuments of Manipur kings in Bangaladesh which are on the verge of extinct.
The King expressed happiness on hearing about the efforts of the Manipuris settling there to preserve Manipuri culture and tradition.
Manipuris settling in Bangaladesh are part of those Manipuris who fled from Manipur during 7 years devastation episode which is over 200 years old now.
Manipur Cultural complex Convenor L Yoyanta kumar informed that the monument of Manipur King Marjit was on the verge of extinct.
He also stressed on the need to preserve the structure of Maharaj Gambhir Singh’d royal palace at Manipuri Rajbhari at Sylhet.
Patriotic Writers Forum Manipur secretary Rakesh Naorem, Journalist T Shyamkanhai, Narrative Artist K Kunjo also attended the interaction with the King.


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