JAC Ban heavy vehicles from plying on Jiri- Tipaimukh Road

As per decision of JAC for the Development of JT Road meeting , plying of heavy vehicles has been banned on Jiri- Tipaimukh road from the midnight of Nov. 26, 2018. Today, the supporters of JAC comes out on the road and halted plying of heavy vehicles from Irabot Statue point of Jiribam towards Jiri- Tipaimukh road. Speaking with the media person, the convenor of JAC for the Development of JT Road M. Tombabu Singh said they had submitted memorandum repeatedly to the Chief Minister, Work Minister of Manipur, Local MLA and Deputy Commissioner of Jiribam citing about the deplorable condition of road whereas the government has not given any response till day. As the condition of road much worsen which is intolerable to the people. The JAC bound to took upagitation and comes out on the road.
He said as a first phase of their agitation the JAC had banned plying heavy vehicles on the road and if the government yet not heed to the demand of the people and fail to restore the road then the JAC get ready to take up various form of rigid agitation from November 29, 2018. He also appealed to the Chief Minister of Manipur by considering the difficulties of villagers of Jiri- Tipaimukh road to restore the road as earliest. Thereafter, a residence of Jiri- Tipaimukh road Md. Badain said heavy vehicle plying on the Jiri- Tipaimukh roads has result in surfacing of potholes and unprecedented traffic snarl, leading to pollution and damage of manholes at various locations. The condition of the road so deteriorated that the commuters and residence nearby the JT facing difficulties and also became victims of air borne disease due to dust pollution of the road.
Badain also said the steps of JAC is legitimate and all the communities residing on Jiri- Tipaimukh road will collectively support to the agitation of JAC for the larger interest of the people.


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