WPW Syndrome Operated and Cured at SKY Hospital

Chairman and chief cardiologist of SKY hospital, Dr. Lairikyengbam Shyamkishore has expressed his satisfaction and happiness after the successful completion of the highly specialised operation called EPS and RFA at the hospital.
A release said that a 38-year old patient named Babina, resident of Khabam, Imphal East district was admitted on November 14 at SKY Hospital and underwent EPS and RFA the next day.
The procedure of the operation involves putting in four electrical wires called electrodes inside the heart under local anaesthesia.
Three wires through femoral vein (at the groin level) and one through right internal jugular vein (at the neck level). After careful and precision mapping of the electrical activity of the heart, the accessory pathway (in her case – left atrial lateral accessory pathway) was identified and was ablated (destroyed) using Radio Frequency Energy generated from a special energy source outside the patient, said the release.
It further said that the procedure started at 11:15 am and completed successfully at 2 pm. Babina could able to eat and drink 2 hours after the procedure, started to walk on November 16. She was discharged on November 17 and the charges for operation, hospital and medicines were all provided free under Chief Minister-Gi Hakshelgi Tengbang (CMHT), it added.

In the release, Dr. Shyamkishore appreciated chief minister, N. Biren, who appropriately advised the patient to go to a local hospital where world class heart treatment is provided and helped to save the patient’s life and state’s money worth lakhs of rupees.
He also appealed the people of the state to be aware of various sophisticated and specialised infrastructure and facilities available at SKY Hospital for operative and non-operative treatment of various complex heart diseases to reduce physical and mental hardship, cost of travel to distant places and actual cost of treatment, the release said.


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