Sekmai People now demand suspension of Escort who assaulted Dhana

State government efforts to cool down the anger of the Sekmai people by sending MLAs fails as the people stand firm with their demand for apology from the side of the MLA Sorokhaibam Rajen, in addition with the suspension of those escorts who had assaulted Laimayum Dhana , the general Secretary of Sekmai Protection Committee.
In a closed door meeting between the representatives of the Sekmai civil bodies and some MLAs the matter could not be solved as the Sekmai civil body stand firm with their demand for unconditional apology from the Lamsang AC MLA as well as suspension of the escort who were involved to the assault of Committee General secretary, besides an agreement to the construction of the Community Hall in the jurisdiction of Sekmai Assembly Constituency by Lamshang AC MLA.
As no amicable solution could be reached, the Sekmai Protection Committee re-affirmed their decision and imposed bandh from 6 am today. “This time it will be indefinite,” said a committee member while talking over phone.
Meanwhile, inter-state bus service and heavy trucks stay of the road due to the bandh at Sekmai.
However Dimapur bound mini passenger transporters like Tata Winger taxi service continue its service by diverting route from Ikou village and then by passing through Sapermeina.
Angom (o) Shanti, president of Advance Women Society Awang Sekmai the assault against Sekmai Protection Committee general secretary Laimayum Dhana by security escort of the Lamsang MLA S. Rajen cannot be taken lightly.
Shanti said Rajen threatened to construct the community hall within Sekmai area by bringing an approval letter from the planning department. He threatened to evict the locals of Sekmai who are staying in Leikinthabi Shantipur village, she alleged.
Sekmai locals imposed a bandh along the National Highway demanding unconditional apology from the side of the MLA to the people of Sekmai and suspension of the security escorts involved in the assault.
Chief minister had appealed to the people of Sekmai to suspend the bandh assuring that he will try his best to solve the issue apart from volunteering to take responsibility for the treatment of the victim.


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