Gaikhangam Writes Epitaph of BJP regime, says People will teach fitting lesson in upcoming LS poll 2019

The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee observed 101st birth anniversary of former Prime minister Indira gandhi at the Manipur Congress Bhavan.
Congress party MLAs, workers and others paid floral tributes to the former Prime Minister on the occasion. The observation also took a pledge to work with faith and determination to uphold the ideals and values which the former Prime Minister held dear.
Attending the floral tribute, former Deputy Chief minister and Congress Working Committee (CWC) member Gaikhangam said that Congress party is garnering more and more support and trust from the people with the present BJP government failing to translate the promises made on the eve of election. People in the country have now realized that it is only Congress which would save Manipur and India.
Gaikhangam said, in the last Manipur Assembly election 2017, Congress party got maximum support and sympathy from the people that the party could produce 28 MLAs. However, BJP which won only 21 seats forcibly formed the government by hook or crook in cahoot with the incumbent governor. Governor ignored the single largest party Congress and invited BJP to form the government. It was violation of democratic norms, Gaikhangam charged.
People are well aware of the wrongdoings, misdeeds committed by BJP at the time of government formation. People will teach a fitting lession to BJP in the upcoming parliamentary election, he said.
Regardless of the tall promises being given to the masses under its catchy slogans, BJP is a political organisation that has no sympathy for the underprivileged sections of the society as it views the poor people as unproductive.
Gaikhangam contended that BJP leaders despise poor people and minority communities as the saffron party’s principle is based on making the wealthy richer and the poor poorer. Describing as regrettable that such anti-poor and anti-minority party is in power both at the centre and in the state, he maintained that BJP is good at giving only lip service and false promises to the masses.
He cautioned the state government that without bothering to do any welfare for society and just following the tactics of befooling masses with wrong promise and policies will not help sustain the government any longer.
Contrary to the BJP’s discriminatory politics, the Congress party upholds interest of the poor and marginalised sections of the society regardless of their numerical inferiority or strength, Gaikhangam said, while adding that the Congress has been and will continue to respect religious rights and practices of all the communities. He also contended that BJP leaders assuring to bring political, economic and social transformation in the country is merely intended to take the masses for a ride as the party’s real agenda is to side-line the minority communities and trample upon the rights of the poor. Further stating that the masses cannot be always fooled with false promises, Gaikhangam expressed confidence that the discriminatory politics and policies of BJP will be exposed sooner than later. Gaikhangam said that Indira Gandhi was born leader and contributed for the development of the nation during her tenure as Prime Minister of India. Gaikhangam said we should follow her path in making the nation strong and dynamic. He said it is a day to pledge for strengthening the freedom and integrity of the nation.


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