Minister Karam Shyam releases Sangai festival Souvenir

CAF&PD minister Karam Shyam today launched the Souvenir of Manipur Sangai festival 2018.
Minister Karam Shyam said the political leaders in society always focus their vision towards bringing welfare of the people while the people look forward to those political leaders who would be able to guide the society in the right path. Society will progress when there is a meeting point of the aspirations between the people and the leaders. He said the sovenir will help aware the people about the importance of Sangai. Understanding values of a person and thing will pave way for social progress. May be politician, journalist, doctor, every professional should value his profession and work for progress. Tourism Corporation of Manipur chairman Dr Sapam Ranjan, Lamjingba group chairman Sanasam Jacky mangang also attended the function.


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