87 Bn C.R.P.F celebrates Diwali

The 87 Battalion C.R.P.F , stationed at Uchathol, Jiribam, celebrated Diwali , with great fanfare and festivity. The festival of light brings prosperity and good luck for all those , who take part in the celebration and also it spreads brotherhood, love and affection.

The unit personnel, under the able guidance of Sh.Sunil Kumar , Commandant, choose a noble way of celebration , by spending quality time with kids/teachers of New life Academy.

The students had a very memorable celebration with officers and men of the Bn.They all participated in Diwali Mela, lit lamps , crackers with lot of happiness and enthusiasm.

After that, they all had a special Badakhana (Dinner) , with unit personnel. Sh.Sunil said that, this unit is committed to spread the message of brotherhood and love, and this festival of lights , is the best occasion, to propagate the message. The school principal and kids, were very appreciative of the noble initiative of the 87 Bn personnel and were of the opinion that, this beautiful gesture, will go a long way , in strengthening the C.R.P.F- Public relation.


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