7 persons arrested for slaughtering cows in open places in Tripura

Police arrested as many as seven persons in two separate locations in West and South Tripura in the last 24 hours, allegedly for slaughtering of cows in open places on the day of Diwali, which created tension in the mixed populated areas.

Police said in both the cases, the minorities residing in the localities were cautioned not to slaughter cows in the open in the areas where Hindus also live.

Similarly, the Hindus were told not to slaughter pigs in the open. However, no restrictions were imposed on selling meat in the market.

“It is believed that cows were slaughtered on the day of Diwali in the open areas as Hindus were celebrating the festival.

It hit the sentiments of the Hindus and they lodged complaint and the police had to act,” said a senior police officer.

According to a report, Hindus lodged protest against cow slaughtering in Mullapara of Agartala yesterday and allegedly a section of Viswa Hindu Parisad activists assaulted a Muslim youths.

The Muslims have also resorted to counter attack but the violence could not spread because of the police intervention.

Police arrested two Muslim youths of the locality for slaughtering of cows openly.

In a similar incident, police arrested five Muslim brick kiln workers at Rupaicherri block of Sabroom in South Tripura last evening for allegedly slaughtered cows openly.

Police also launched investigation against a group of Hindu activists who had allegedly assaulted two Muslim labourers of the brick kiln for cow slaughtering.

The Muslim religious body condemned the police action and demanded the release of the arrested youths.

“Tripura doesn’t have a single slaughter house,but beef is not banned in the state.

This is not about open slaughtering of animals but Muslim youths were arrested because they slaughtered cows.

Police doesn’t take any action against Hindus who openly slaughter pigs, goat, chicken and other animals in the open market and roadsides,” alleged Khursaid Alam, leader of a Muslim religious body.

He however, pointed out that everyday thousands of chicken, goats and pigs were slaughtered in front of children by the meat sellers although it is banned completely.

“Animals are being scarified in Hindu temples, but police and administration never take action against such violent acts. In case of cow slaughtering, they become hyper-active and unnecessarily complicate the problem,” he added.

Meanwhile, CPI (M) state               committee condemned the            incident and criticised Viswa Hindu Parisad and Hindu organisations, alleging unauthorised interference in food and life-style choices and cultural issues of the minorities in the state.

“In the name of Gau Raksha (saving cows) BJP and it’s religious bodies have been triggering communal tension and perpetrating violence on minorities, which leftists will not tolerate and take action for the protection of constitutional rights of the minorities,” said veteran CPI (M) leader and MLA Badal Choudhury.

Denying the allegation, BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik said that BJP party is no way involved in such activities but of course the party appreciated the police action that prevented communal violence.

“A section of leftists has been always trying to manipulate the religious sentiments of the people to do politics and in these cases CPI (M) cadres were directly involved,”she alleged.


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